Heartsong Memory Care specializes in the care of seniors with Alzheimer’s disease and other forms of dementia. Located in Southwest Louisville, the campus includes a secure 36-bed licensed Personal Care Home and a licensed Adult Day Health Care center. Both programs offer

  • Stimulating activities such as trivia, exercise, gardening, singing, and games to promote cognitive functioning, physical health, social and spiritual well-being, and pure enjoyment
  • Space to move about freely, both indoors and out, in the safety of a secured environment
  • On-site access to physician visits and therapies
  • Delicious, nutritious meals and snacks


People with dementia often have, or develop, other health problems. And they are often unable to effectively communicate their needs and symptoms. At Heartsong we believe that having nurses on staff to assess needs, manage and administer medications, and coordinate care is of the utmost importance. For this reason we chose to license our residential community and our day program. Many providers of memory care do not have a license and cannot provide health care.

Certified Best Friends™ Environment

At Heartsong Memory Care we believe in and have adopted the Best Friends™ Approach to Dementia Care—a comprehensive, uplifting approach grounded in the understanding that relationships are supremely important in dementia care. Using the essential elements of friendship—respect, empathy, support, trust and humor—as building blocks, this evidence-based care model is easy for staff to embrace and has been proved both effective and replicable. Heartsong Memory Care is a Certified Best Friends™ Environment and all Heartsong staff members learn the Best Friends™ Approach by a Certified Master Trainer.